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Enter and you could win one of the following prizes up for grabs:
  • Grand Prize: Kindle Fire HD 8 and winner's choice $35 worth of ebooks from Amazon (up to 5 ebooks)
  • Second Prize: Kindle Fire 7 and winner's choice of $25 worth of ebooks from Amazon (up to 4 ebooks)
  • Third Prize: Winner's Choice of $25 worth of ebooks from Amazon (up to 4 ebooks)
  • Fourth Prize: Winner's Choice of $15 worth of ebooks from Amazon (up to 3 ebooks)
Giveaway starts on October 10 and ends at midnight on October 31. Winners will be announced on November 3. Scroll down for the Rafflecopter entry form.

Giveaway Rules:

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Giveaway is Sponsored by:

Alicia Montgomery • Alyssa Drake • Amanda Uhl  • Anna Durand • Bianca D’Arc • Carrie Whitethorne • Crystal Dawn • Helen Scott • Ivy Quinn • J. Rose Allister • Jody A. Kessler • Karen Michelle Nutt • L.D. Rose • Laura Greenwood • Leigh Anderson • Lianne Cotton • Linda Nightingale • Lisa Chalmers • LJ Swallow • Lynda Haviland • Marsha A. Moore • Mary Abshire • Maureen L. Bonatch  • Mia McKimmy • ND Jones • PG Forte • S.A. Larsen • Shelique Lize • Sherrie Lea Morgan • Tena Stetler • Tmonique Stephens • Traci Douglass • Vella Day • Aileen Harkwood  

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  1. Some of the links are not working. Linda Nightingale's, Carrie Whitethorne's, Shelique Lize's, and N.D.Jone's.

    1. try clicking the link, deleting everything in the address bar before www and hit enter. that should work.

    2. Some of the webpages are a little slower than others to load (Linda Nightingale, N.D. Jones), but they do come up for me. Lacey, is correct, though, sometimes the www. gives problems for different browsers, so for the other two I've fixed that. All links should be good to go.

    3. Hi Tashia:

      I'm N.D. Jones and my newsletter link is working. Once you enter your personal information and hit submit, the form clears, which means your info. was submitted. You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not, feel free to email me at

  2. Some links were not working. Linda Nightingale and shelique Lize. I tried a couple of time to sign up but told me link error. I still put yes for them since I had attempted to sign up. Thanks for the chance to win wonderful prizes.

  3. Replies
    1. Linda Nightingale's newsletter signup is on her Facebook page. Perhaps some people aren't able to access it because of that? I'm having no problem bringing it up each time I click on the link in her entry button.

  4. Thanks for the generous giveaways .We readers really appreciate them.

  5. Thanks for participating everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor <3